About the artist

Red mood

Hello, I’m Iveta Maćerak.

I was born and grew up in Novi Sad, Serbia.

I have always been interested in things about colours, drawing and makeup. I went to art high school, where I had practised my eyes and hands well for what I would later realise is my calling – makeup.

I went to study Media and communication in Treviso, spent a few years in Milano, but realized that Novi Sad is where I belong and makeup is what I want to do.

I’ve been doing makeup since I was little. In time, friends realised that I’m pretty good at it and started coming to my house on weekends before going out, so I can do their makeup. Love and hobby slowly grew into something more serious.

In early 2018 I finished a makeup course at Bellezza studio where I improved my technique and learned some new ones. Soon after, I started a cooperation with a nail artist – Dunja, taking a place in her studio Zlochesti Studio. That is where you can find me now and schedule an appointment for makeup.